Wondering what toy is best for your 3 year old? We got you covered...

‣ Tea Set, Toy Kitchen or Doll Prams (In the third year of life, the child more and more efficiently recreates the elements of everyday life. The child also carefully observes the activities performed by adults.)
So you better be a good role model
‣ Construction Toys that stick together
(The child develops visual-motor coordination, and also improves cognitive processes, such as: memory, attention, perception, perceptiveness, and the ability to control.)
‣ Ride-on toys and tricycles
(It is not only stimulating the child's sensory development, but also great fun. And lots of laughter. )
‣ Musical Instruments (Music enhances the development and growth of virtually all parts of the brain.)
These are just some, of the many beautiful abilities your child can gain by playing at such a young age
And all these manual skills can be maintained in our wonderful playhouses!

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